FISA Contractor Elections – 9th September 2016

FISA are holding an election to appoint two contractors to the Steering Group.
Originally nine places were to be voted upon, however, this has been reduced to just two – this is regrettable, but not surprising given our experience of FISA management.

This will undoubtedly be an important election, the results of which will affect all of us within the industry and all FCA Members.

The FCA is dedicated to improving and promoting safety within the Forestry Industry, and although we do not always see eye to eye with FISA, we do applaud the decision to bring more contractors into the Steering Group – this action can only be a positive step forward, although it is worth considering that the right candidates must be elected.

The FCA would wish all members who are also FISA members to consider voting for our two preferred candidates, Mr. Simon Bowes (FCA Chair, England) and Mr. Brendan Burns (Current FCA Rep on FISA Steering Group)

Both Simon and Brendan bring a wealth of operational experience as well as an in depth knowledge and experience of working with FISA – If we want to gain effective communication and effective influence at the FISA top table, please cast your votes for Simon and Brendan by September 9th.