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The Forestry Contracting Association (FCA Membership Ltd) is the leading trade association within UK forestry and wood related industries.

The Association focuses on those businesses and individuals who are involved or interested in the contracting sector.

We are member owned and run

Members are at the heart of the organisation. It is the members who elect the three Country Policy Groups (England, Scotland and Wales) and it is from those Groups that the main Board that runs the Association is then elected.

Having members as elected representatives means that the Policy Groups and the Board comprise of like-minded individuals who understand the issues that you face.

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COVID 19 – Safe working procedures

Drawn up by Confor and the Forestry Contracting Association, we are happy to recommend this latest advisory document to help you plan around the COVID 19 issues on your worksite. This will ensure your risk assessments are relevant and detailed enough to satisfy everyone. If you need more practical ground level advice on the contents,

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Felling Diseased Ash

Felling diseased ash requires extra care be taken over and above the usual considered for hardwood working. It’s easy to look at ash as a tricky tree to fell but well within the capabilities of any experienced cutter. I found out the hard way that diseased ash presents a different set of challenges. It was

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