The Association is, by its very nature, dependent on input from members, the National Chairmen and the Policy Committee members are all forestry people and they are all members. Membership is where it all begins and being a member brings access to all manner of benefits but to get the best out of the Association everyone needs to get involved. It sounds simple and it really is.

On the website or in the FCA News you will find the contact details of all the Policy Committee members and the National Chairmen. Members who have questions, need advice or simply want someone to run an idea by can call or email and they’ll get access to the extensive pool of experience the Association is renowned for.

The Association really does run on the efforts of  the members who volunteer their time and the more members who get involved the stronger the Association becomes. It isn’t complicated, members can contribute to the FCA News magazine. Articles are always welcome, maybe you’ve found some really good value chainsaw boots or you’ve found a way to save time greasing a crane. You don’t have to be a professional writer, if you have a good idea for an article we’ll see it ready for publication.

The FCA Facebook page is a quick way to tell other members or the wider public about something you’ve seen or heard and it’s a good place to visit to see what other forestry people are talking about. Twitter’s even quicker and if you do get involved you’ll be surprised who else is telling the world about what’s going on.

Being a member does open up all kinds of opportunities, if you have strong views about forestry and you really would like to make a difference you might consider putting yourself forward for a place on the safety team or maybe one of the National Policy Committees. The Association is always moving forward and new ideas are welcome as is a fresh point of view.

Pick up the phone, write an email, log onto Facebook or Tweet. Whatever, get involved !

We are member owned and run

Members are at the heart of the organisation. It is the members who elect the three Country Policy Groups (England, Scotland and Wales) and it is from those Groups that the main Board that runs the Association is then elected.

Having members as elected representatives means that the Policy Groups and the Board comprise of like-minded individuals who understand the issues that you face.

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