English Policy Committee
Simon Bowes07876 761828simon@fcauk.com
Nick Adams07939 326350nick.adams@fcauk.com
David Gillett07980 911845david@fcauk.com
Will Jackson01981 250253will.jackson@fcauk.com
John Tunnicliffe07960 423227john.tunnicliffe@fcauk.com
Scottish Policy Committee
Donald Maclean07793 889992donald@fcauk.com
John McNally07843 667071john.mcnally@fcauk.com
Wallis Weir07876 562370wallis.weir@fcauk.com
Calum Duffy07836 341543calum.duffy@fcauk.com
Brendan Burns07712 184343brendan.burns@fcauk.com
Welsh Policy Committee
Alun Jones01745 540325alun@fcauk.com
Tom Powell07836 267406tom.powell@fcauk.com
Phil Dunford 01490 460611phil.dunford@fcauk.com
David Thomas01970 611399david.thomas@fcauk.com
Callum Campbell07912 183018callum.campbell@fcauk.com
Owen Konig07722 041185owen.konig@fcauk.com

We are member owned and run

Members are at the heart of the organisation. It is the members who elect the three Country Policy Groups (England, Scotland and Wales) and it is from those Groups that the main Board that runs the Association is then elected.

Having members as elected representatives means that the Policy Groups and the Board comprise of like-minded individuals who understand the issues that you face.

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